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literally any time i push anything to GitHub i get overwhelming anxiety that i accidentally leaked my API keys, or the private repo was actually public, etc.

If you mostly let AI decide what to read and who to interact with, I am sorry to tell you this, but you might be an NPC.

Just discovered: (browser plugin to redirect major websites to better frontends). Going to try it for a bit and see how it goes.

Copilot doesn't write amazing code and I'm not sure it even saves time, but it's just so much fun to use!

So much that I've taken to coding in VSCode and Python (after never learning it before) just for the full experience. Weird.

set up a Mastodon server. went quite smoothly!

also set up an rss feed for the birdsite so i can read stuff over there without the app. next going to look at something to do cross posting.

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Hi! I'm just experimenting with running a Mastodon server. Registrations are disabled for now, but may be enabled in future once I'm more comfortable with how it works.